Guests & Attractions

We have many guests and various attractions planned for the 2019 Buffalo Auto Show. 

Unyts Donate Life Express Bus Photo

Unyts – Blood Drive

Thursday, February 7th

The Unyts Donate Life Express Bus will be outside the Auto Show. Donors will receive a ticket to the Show and have a chance to win Sabres tickets for that night.

Paw Patrol Image

Buffalo Bandits & Bandettes

Thursday, February 7th from 6 PM – 7 PM

Bandits #92 Dhane Smith, #95 Chase Fraser, #22 Josh Byrne and #4 Ian MacKay will be at the Show. Members of the Bandettes will also be joining them.

Paw Patrol Image

PAW Patrol

Saturday, February 9th & Sunday, February 10th

PAW Patrol is on a roll! Your favorite Adventure Bay pups are racing to the RUFF-RUFF rescue! 

Times will be announce soon!

Better Business Bureau

We’re proud to have the BBB partnering again this year. They’ll once again be recognizing accredited participants!

NYS Troopers

GM Powertrain

Tonawanda Engine Plant and Lockport Operations will have live demonstrations.

Ford Stamping Plant

(weekend only)

Win a Car!

Visitors have a chance to win 2 vehicles each day at the Buffalo Auto Show. 

Chevrolet – Silverado, Buick – Encore, GMC – Terrain, Toyota – Rav 4, Ford – Mustang, Volkswagen – Jetta, Mercedes Benz – GLA 250,  Jeep Wrangler.

New Vehicle Displays / Partners



All New luxury performance vehicles


LOE Trailer

Car hauler, all kinds of trailers


Anchor Marine

Boat, Jet-Ski, on the water fun!!


Buffalo Car Care

Exotic Sportscar & high performance pickup truck.


Mobility Works

Wheelchair Vehicles and Solutions for persons with alternative driving needs.



Cube Van and Dump Body